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Our New Handy Training Stick and String!
Gaining Respect & Control

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Used by leading natural horsemanship trainers, the training stick or carrot stick is a handy tool for gaining respect and control from your horse as you progress through you're groundwork training. Groundwork is essential in getting your horse to respect you and accept you as the leader. By working through a variety of exersizes you can gain control and provide a safer environment for yourself as the trainer.

Our Handy Training Stick can be used with or without the string to give clear and specific cues to your horse so he knows exactly what you want him (or her) to do.

Use it with the string to desensitize your horse, teaching them that they don't need to fear you or your tools. Remove the string to work with their feet or cue the various parts of their body to get the results you want. Yielding the hindquarters, yielding the forquarters, backing up and maintaining your personal space. Easily attach a plastic bag or cloth flag to the end to desensitize your horse to uncomfortable noise and motion. (Sacking Out)

In short you want to sensitize to create a desired reaction from your horse and desensitize to remove fear and build confidence....... There is no magic wand when it comes to training horses. You have to spend the time and be consistant with your program to get the results you want. The Handy Training Stick is a great tool to help get that job done!

Made from sturdy 4' fiberglass, this training stick is not flimsy like a normal lunge whip, and it adds a 4 foot extension to your arm making it easier for you to stay in a safe position. Comes with a hand crafted leather tip, large comfortable golf grip handle, and a removable 6' double braided nylon marine grade string with leather lace popper. The double braiding gives the string a weight and flexibility that makes it easier to "throw" and should help make your training sessions more productive. Order Yours Today

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